Life as an orphan can be really difficult, especially for girls. It’s hard when your life is shaped totally by the circumstances which are out of your hands. The orphans have no option but to make peace with their cruel fate and move on with their lives, with a resolve to emerge out stronger than they were destined to. The children begin to look back at their adversities in a positive light and feel only grateful for the dark periods that makes them realize the value and power of love and family. NGOs like CSA seek desperately, to bring a change in their lives, give them a purpose and direction. CSA conducts many activities but nothing beats making a girl brave and independent, giving her a voice of her own, for her to courageously take care of herself and anyone in need of help. We at CSA conducted self-defense karate program for all girls of BVJSS, Pune. A total of 98 girls participated, 62 of whom managed to qualify for the higher level. Right from participation to performance, this inspirational program went on to delineate a unique and positive aspect of otherwise-harsh life.. If an orphan can show such a positive approach toward life without any support from his/her parents then surely we need to rethink whether our so-called “big problems” are really that big to face?

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