Increasing Adoption

Adarsh & Karuna are from Bangalore. Adarsh’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, she asked him and his wife, Karuna, why they hadn’t adopted a child yet. She urged them to go through with the adoption. She questioned them saying, you wouldn’t postpone your pregnancy for me, so why should you postpone adopting? The couple had planned on adopting a child since before they were married, but just kept postponing it for one reason or the other. This time they decided to adopt a child. They began looking for a child. They started the application process for adoption of a baby girl.

She applied in the month of October and by next January, within 3 months, the baby was in her arms.” They don’t think they could have done it so quickly without CSA telling them about a child available in rural Maharashtra. There was bit of tedious paperwork to be done, but otherwise everything went smoothly, and they adopted Nayraa when she was four months old.

Life completely changed for Adarsh and Karuna when Nayraa came into their lives. “She’s our lucky charm,” Karuna said. “In fact, a lot of things happened which are unexplainable.” After Nayraa arrived, her grandmother started to get much healthier, and now spends most of her time taking care of the young girl. Adarsh and Karuna deeply value their parent’s help in bringing up Nayraa. “Children who are brought up by their grandparents are probably the most well brought up children in this day in age,” Karuna said. She and Adarsh believe that the wisdom and values of the older generations are better than anything they can teach Nayraa themselves. They are deeply thankful to Catalysts for Social Action.

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