Celebrating the power of SHAKTI (Womanhood) each day everyday!

Celebrating the power of SHAKTI (Womanhood) each day everyday!

With the dynamically changing times, women have left no stone unturned. Gone are the days when women could only do certain types of jobs. In today’s day and age, many women are exploring different career avenues. Women are no longer interested in doing a mundane 9-5 job that will please her family.

Children especially girls living in these child care homes have verylimited or no exposure to outside world. Our major focus while we are working with them is to make them aware about the opportunities they have and give them confidence to achieve their dreams. Here we present, Inspiring story of 3 girls who changed their perspective of the way people look at girls from these Aftercare homes (facilities for adolescent girls) and are achieving milestones small or big in their day to day life.

While we are in awe of these girls who have figured their way out in this cruel competitive world, we still have many girls at CCIs who are yet to be prepared. In one such home we partnered with Bajaj Capital and conducted a hygiene session with a Gynaecologist. It was an informative session where the girls and the Gynaecologist interacted covering important topics like menstrual hygiene and awareness on cervical cancer.

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