Founders’ Story

In June 2000, Shibani and I got our beautiful daughter through the gift of adoption. It was a moment of pure joy and happiness. Since that day, every day, we feel blessed that we are parents of two lovely children. It has changed our life and completed our family.

At that time when we were going through the adoption process, we were told that there are less than 5000 adoptions per year. This number of 5000 in a country with 30 million children in need of care and protection, we could not digest. Something was not working. Something should be done. Adoption is such a win-win process; surely every child should have a family? These thoughts kept churning somewhere at the back of our mind.

In 2002, Mrs. Bharati Dasgupta, Shibani’s mother, retired from her corporate career in Banking and HR consultancy. She agreed to take on the task of setting up an NGO to take up the cause of orphaned children. This is how CSA was born and it is her leadership and energy that has made CSA into what it is today.

In the last 17 years, CSA has done a lot of work on the ground, much of it pioneering and path breaking. From Adoption Helpline to facilitating adoptions from agencies in rural areas; From Sensitisation programs to moving children from child care institutions (CCI) into adoption. Our CCI Transformation program which has spread over four states, covering 65+ institutions with over 3600+ children; The Livelihood & Aftercare program is the most recent additions to our work programs.

Our vision is simple – we must be a society that cares for its children in need of care & protection and nurtures them to become contributing members of society. Through adoption where possible, through good quality care in Child Care Homes where adoption is not possible. We must be the family that every child deserves!

What inspires us is seeing the difference that care and love can make to a child. It is truly magical to see the transformation that takes place and how life altering this impact is for that child. There are millions of children in need of this support. Together we can do a lot more and bring the spark of hope to many more lives. We are blessed to have the support of all our friends and well-wishers in CSA’s journey and thank them from the bottom of our heart.

– Vipul Jain, Shibani Jain and Bharati Dasgupta

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