Health & Nutrition

Program / Interventions Objective On-ground Approach / Interventions
Health, Hygiene & Sanitation To improve health, hygiene and sanitation conditions of CCIs, thus ensuring a good base for development of children
  • Bi-yearly basic health checkups in August and February under 4 areas – Dental, ENT, Eye, Physical and others
  • Prescribed treatment support for children based on health check-up results
  • Awareness trainings on basic health care and hygiene for children and staff
  • Availability of basic and additional hygiene kit and sanitation material to the children and CCI respectively
Supplementary Nutrition To fill gaps in the nutrition support provided to children in order to improve overall health and BMI levels of children
  • Bi-yearly BMI (Body Mass Index) level assessment
  • Consultation with nutritionist based on BMI status, post health check-ups
  • Supplementary nutrition support – fruits, vegetables, milk, nutritious snacks, etc. depending on funds availability and suggestions from nutritionist
  • Regular follow-ups and monitoring the nutrition support provided
Day to Day Essentials To ensure basic day to day requirements are available
  • Providing innerwear, footwear and other essentials
Infrastructure to Improve Health & Hygiene To provide safe and hygienic living conditions
  • Support basic repairs and toilet/bathroom construction
  • Support for beds and bedding kit, water filters, basic electrification, whitewash, etc.
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