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Catalysts for Social Action (CSA)

Catalysts for Social Action is an Indian NGO (non-governmental, social development organisation) with a mission to create a brighter future for orphans in need of care and protection.

We believe that every orphan child mustbe nurtured till he/she grows up to be a happy and contributing member of society

We believe in "A family for every child"- through adoption and where that is not possible, then "family like care" in a well-run children's home

Theadoption numbers are abysmally low. CSA isworking towards increasing adoptions in the country

CSA is transforming orphanages into caring and nurturing child homes

CSA helps and supports children transition into independent and income earning adults

We believe that children's lives can be transformed with love and care

CSA is a "catalyst" bringing sustainable change to lives of orphans










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A Heart-warming Success Story

*Name changed for non-discloser of identity

Rahul has spent almost 4 years in orphanage after his mother’s death. His father was not in condition to take care of 3 children. Rahul has been a sincere and calm child always. He was good in studies. He scored 70 % in HSC examination. His dream is to become a Chartered Accountant. However his family's financial situation is not so good. His father is a construction labourer & he has two younger sisters studying in class 10th. So currently his first priority is to support his father financially and take care of his sister's education. CSA designed a care plan for him.

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Mission Vaccination

CSA observed that majority of children at CCIs are not immunized for primary unavoidable and fatal infections.

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Project Poshan

In 2014, Hindustan Times carried an article which stated that 52% kids in orphanages are malnourished.

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