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Life as an orphan is really difficult! That too being a girl child, life is hideous .The feeling of not having parents is still better, what hurts more is the realization that you are not wanted by your own family. It’s hard when your life is shaped totally by the circumstances on which you had nothing to say.But these children have no option they have to move on with life, not just to move on but to accept the circumstances, with no regrets, infact it makes them more stronger and they feel thankful for that dark period as it made them realize the value of love, care, trust and family. NGO’s like CSA brings a change in their life where they get a direction to move on with confidence. CSA does many things but there nothing better than making a girl child as brave that she could take care of her and also protect girl next to her in any circumstances. CSA conducted Self Defence karate Programme, for all girls for BVJSS Pune. Total 98 girls participated and 68 girls qualified the White Belt Examination. Start from their participation to performance, everything was so motivating that encourages you to see life in a very different and positive way. If an Orphan can show such positive approach toward life without any support of their parents then we really need to think, that our so called “big problems” are really that big to face?