Funds Utilisation / How is Your Money Spent?

D onors are a pillar of strength & an important link in making the dreams of orphan children come true. An important & weighty proportion of our income is from supporters who sponsor children, fundraising activities and donations. We also receive donations, grants and we benefit from a number of corporate partnerships and long-term relationships with trusts and major donors. We believe every donor is a part of CSA family and we believe in the highest level of transparency by showing our donors where their money is spent.


Programme wise Break Up of Funds



Programme Expenses Year-On-Year Graph

Cost Break Up of Expenses Year-On-Year

Annual Reports

We are accountable to the wider public for the usage of funds received. Transparency & Accountability are our core value areas that we strive to bring to the fore at CSA. Every year, our children at supported orphanages aspire to know, learn & experience new things. Every year, we set a target to fulfil their dreams & desires. And every year, our donors & supporters play a significant role in helping us scale new heights. Our Annual Report is an amalgamation of the work done through the year, our achievements & proud moments, our audited finances & acknowledgement of different stakeholders involved.












FCRA Donation Disclosures




Annual Returns 2016-17




Q1 – Quarterly Returns

Q2 – Quarterly Returns

Q3 – Quarterly Returns

Q4 – Quarterly Returns


Annual Returns 2017-18





Q1 – Quarterly Returns

Q2 – Quarterly Returns



80G / 12A / FCRA & others

Every year our children dream for something. Every year we set a target to fulfil their dreams. Every year we struggle to give them a better life. Every year you all help us in different ways, here is the broad picture of things we have achieved and still struggling for more:

12A Certificate

12A registration is one time exemption obtained by most Trusts, right after incorporation to be exempted from paying income tax. Trusts and NGOs having 12A registration enjoy exemption from paying income tax on the surplus income of the Trust or NGO.

80G Certificate

Under the Income Tax Act, certain contributions or donations are eligible for a tax deduction under Section 80G. NGOs or other non-profits must apply for registration and are intensely scrutinised by the IT Department before being granted such a certification. This is because such institutions tend to attract a larger number of donations from corporates and individuals looking to give to charity while saving on tax.

FCRA-Registration &
Bank AC

FCRA stands for Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) of 1976. NGOs need to have either prior permission or registration under FCRA, in order to receive donations & contribution in kind or currency from foreign sources.

Registration-Society &Trust

Bharati Das Gupta is one of the Founders of CSA. Her specializations are in English Literature and Organisation and Methods. Fomerly an eminent banking administrator heading Management Services at the Indian Banks’ Association, Mumbai, she was also, the former HR head of Kale Consultants.