C Catalysts for Social Action is an Indian NGO (non-governmental, social development organisation) with a mission to createa brighter future for orphans in need of care and protection.

CSA's Vision

We believe that every orphan child mustbe nurturedtill he/she grows up to be a happyand contributingmember of society
We believe in"A family for every child"- through adoption and where that is not possible, then "family like care" in a well-run children's home
The adoption numbersare abysmally low. CSA isworking towards increasing adoptionsin the country
CSA is transforming orphanages into caring and nurturing child homes
CSAhelps and supports children transition into independent and income earning adults
We believe thatchildren's lives can be transformed with love and care
CSA is a "catalyst" bringingsustainablechange to lives of orphans


CSA has come a long way & we have challenging yet an exciting road ahead! From humble beginnings, we have taken steps to improve childcare conditions at orphanages. We have enlisted below some significant milestone in our journey.