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Mission Vaccination

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Mission Vaccination is an initiative taken by CSA on 11.02.2017.This vaccination was specifically for Hepititis –A and MMR. We started our mission from CCI Rays Of Hope which has total 65 children in it. With a strong hope to give a healthy and happy life to every orphan we started the process of vaccination and every child at CCI responded positively which was truly unexpected.

This mission proved that they are not just brave but also mature enough to understand the need of their life. CSA arranged chocolates, laddoos and some snacks to refresh them. Whenever CSA takes such initiative, every time discovers a new motivational thing about these children.

Project Poshan

CSA is running a campaign Project Poshan with an aim to see every child to be healthy and strong enough to fight every diseases. Under Project Poshan we give variety of healthy vegetables, sprouts & cereals through different tasty dishes like mix –veg sabji, panner sabji, boilsprouts, dalias, idis, milk, egg & morning snacks etc.

Their schedule has been set for the same. We do not just give healthy food but also teach them few good habits that they should always follow before eating like hand wash.