Project Poshan

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In 2014, Hindustan Times carried an article which stated that 52% kids in orphanages are malnourished. The study was done by Catalysts for Social Action, a non-profit working with orphanages.

Bhatkya Vimukta Jati Shikshan Santha or BVJSS, an orphanage based in Pune was one of the orphanages where this study was carried out. BVJSS is about 20 kms away from Pune and currently about 400 children are living there.

CSA conducted Self Defence karate Programme, for all girls for BVJSS Pune. Total 98 girls participated and 68 girls qualified the White Belt Examination. Start from their participation to performance, everything was so motivating that encourages you to see life in a very different and positive way.

In 2015, Project POSHAN commenced as part of Givaudan’s CSR initiative with CSA to address malnourishment & provide support to bring about changes in the lives of these children at BVJSS

Here are different activities that were done in Year 2015-16

  • 1.  Health Check Ups including the Body Mass Index – BMI status.

  • 2. Treatments administered.

  • 3. Dietician roped in to analyse diet & suggest changes.

  • 4. Supplementary Nutrition support provided as prescribed by Dietician.

  • 5. Distribution of nutritious homemade Ladoos and Seasonal fruits to all children.There was marked improvement in the BMI status of children.

Different activities undertaken in Year 2016-17 were

  • 1. Health Checks continued.

  • 2. Food menu improved by adding different food grains, lentils, soya chunks at different intervals.

  • 3. Severely malnourished children identified in previous year were given Milk & Pediasure powder regularly.

  • 4. Nutritious ladoos were given 6 times a week.

  • 5. Different seasonal fruits given 3 times a week, Awareness sessions on hygiene, skin care & hand washing done with children.

  • 6.Improvements continued in BMI levels of children which is very encouraging.