A Heart-warming Success Story

*Name changed for non-discloser of identity

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Rahul has spent almost 4 years in orphanage after his mother’s death. His father was not in condition to take care of 3 children. Laxman has been a sincere and calm child always. He was good in studies. He scored 70 % in HSC examination. His dream is to become a Chartered Accountant. However his family's financial situation is not so good. His father is a construction labourer & he has two younger sisters studying in class 10th. So currently his first priority is to support his father financially and take care of his sister's education. CSA designed a care plan for him. As per rahul’s urgency to get into a job as soon as possible, CSA enrolled him for office administrator course which has 100% placement in ICICI skilling academy. CSA also provided a by-cycle to travel, since his home is in remote location in Titwala. After completing Office administration course he got selected at Anukool Pvt. Ltd as receptionist & within a week time HR shifted him to billing department after seeing his performance. After one month, he called CSA’s Project Officer and said “Madam I received my 1st salary today which I handed over to my father. I gave pocket money to my sisters as well and brought new clothes for them but could not stop my tears running out after seeing them so happy”. I am thankful to CSA for being there for me, during struggling phase of my life which much sorted now. Now he is planning to complete his further education through distance learning and to work simultaneously.