W e constantly endeavor to bring about life-transforming and permanent change to ensure better and meaningful lives for underprivileged children. Our aim is to optimize rehabilitation outcomes and support holistic orphan care. A change as huge as this requires a concerted effort at grass root level. To achieve this, we provide various volunteering opportunities to individuals / groups of individuals who are interested in working with underprivileged children.

How to find the right volunteer opportunity?

There are numerous volunteer opportunities available, however, the key is to find a volunteer position that you would enjoy and are capable of doing. It’s also important to make sure that your commitment is in line with the organization’s needs. A few questions have been listed below which can help you make an informed choice –

  Do you like working with children?

  Is the cause of underprivileged children close to you?

  How much time are you willing to commit?

  What set of skills can you bring to the organisation?

  Do you prefer to work alone or as part of a team?

You can choose from amongst the many options Catalysts for Social Action provides, which best matches your interests and skills
If you aren't clear about what you would like to do, do not hesitate to mention the same while applying for a volunteering opportunity.

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Volunteer Voices

Read what some of our past and present volunteers have to say about their experience as a volunteer.


Chelsea Elizabeth (Program Director – A Family for Every Orphan)

“True Restoration for Children of India!”

“I came to CSA with one hope. I simply wanted to understand the domestic adoption process in India and be able to communicate it to others. I’ve searched, asked, and dug in so many places, trying to figure out domestic adoption in India. I’ve only come up with contradictions, confusion and more questions. CSA in a sense was my last hope.

My expectations were blown out of the water by CSA’s extensive knowledge and wisdom concerning the adoption process. I spent an all too short two weeks learning from CSA and then collaborating to document the adoption process in a way that would free others to understand the process with ease.

While adoption is my passion, it's not the only work that CSA does. CSA understands that many children in India will never be adopted - millions will call an institution their home. In order to bring hope and opportunity to these children, who otherwise would have little support, CSA partners with institutions to offer vocational training, health workshops and life skills to these kids, but they do this with concentrated effort. CSA comes alongside institutions to strengthen them by giving them training, resources and materials. CSA doesn't step in and do all the work themselves. They want to help improve infrastructure - again keeping sustainability as their standard. I would highly recommend volunteering with CSA if you're interested in true restoration and growth for the children of India who are in need. That being said - come knowing that CSA and these children have far more to offer you, than you'll ever have to offer."


Kiran Namoodiri (Accelya Kale employee from Mumbai)

“These Children are Much Stronger!”

“Sometimes when people just don’t follow or listen to me, i feel lonely and think that there is no one in this world with whom I share my thoughts. But this feeling was shattered the day I visited the children’s home. I saw kids who requires parents help and shelter the most at this age, but they were just enjoying life and playing just like normal children growing up in families. Felt like they had a shield to protect themselves. In fact what I felt was, in many a case, they are much more stronger. They have already adjusted to the current scenario and are very happy.

I saw the happiness when we asked about their daily routine. All were explaining the same thing, but everyone was happy that they are getting a chance to speak to someone. We had snacks, played games, talked to them about computers, about IT industry; I saw many of them were very eager to know about these things. They are already aware of gadgets and mobiles.

The main issue which came to our mind was about their health problems. We asked the trustees about that and they said that there are doctors who frequently visit the home to check the status of the children. We also got to know many things from Bhushan (CSA staff) regarding their life and background and really we thank Bhushan for letting us know these things. We really had a wonderful time, not just enjoyment but also got to learn many things and understand which, I think was possible only because of this visit.”


Gautam Ashok (Marine Engineer & CSA Volunteer)

“New Environment ….Sweet Experience!”

“What is the best part of working in a new environment? Meeting new people, different situations, having new experiences, yes – but mostly, it breaks our own preconceptions. The greater the hold of these preconceptions on us, the break is that much more painful; but the surprise that comes after is exponentially sweeter. When I first joined CSA (Catalysts for Social Action); I had no idea what to expect, having never worked in a NGO before. There had been voluntary activities that I had participated in during school, but these had been special drives undertaken usually for getting additional grades on the internal assessment. Volunteering with an organization had been a first. However, I put my trust in my desire to connect with the children and went ahead. And what a reward that was. The first day itself was a revelation to me. All the kids were so nice!! Very polite, very interesting, and extremely eager to learn (this goes for both the places I visited). As I went along with my teaching schedule, the experience started to unravel for me, and I loved every minute of it. Lot of learning experiences for me, not the least of which were the amazing new origami structures I got to explore (origami is awesome), plus understanding the children, their hopes and expectations, their learning methodologies, their expression.


Brittney Ihrig and Rose Botros(Both came on a scholarship to volunteer with CSA in June 2015 for a period of 6 weeks from the University of Western Sydney, Australia)

Loved Volunteering with CSA!

"Rose and I, both come from Sydney Australia and on a scholarship with our university - the University of Western Sydney and volunteered with CSA for a very short, one month period as communications and business interns in the Thane office. We travelled from our hotel close to Metro Cinema in Mumbai's CBD district, all the way to Thane by train. The journey way beautiful, insightful and one of the most amazing parts of our adventure in India. The lush green grass zooming past, the incredibly slippery seats, the sari's that burst with color, the convenient on-board 10 rupee shopping and the refreshing (and also sometimes smelly) breeze that alleviates the heat, all made our journey to the Thane office, just that extra-bit special. This is all a part of the romanticism of working overseas, and we certainly were not short-changed. Whilst working for CSA, we produced teaching materials, a video, articles, diet and hygiene plans and executed a stakeholder engagement strategy. However, probably the most rewarding aspect was having the privilege to see the excellent work that CSA does. Rose and I have no doubt that this organization does an excellent service to the needs of beautiful children in India. Rose and I can remember the day Sidney (CEO) told us that very few children in India are ready to be adopted - this totally contrasts a foreigner's idea of India, as we often India often coincides with imagery of poverty and homeless children. Sidney informed us, that this is true, however, the percentage of those children in need, who are actually in 'child care institutions' is very low and the percentage of those children who are legally able to be adopted is substantially even lower. However, probably one of the most astonishing finds about CSA was the speed at which CSA was able to connect parents-wanting-to-adopt from the city, to children in need in the rural outskirts. When interviewing two recent adoptee parents, they told us that both of their adoptions had been very fast, one happened in less than a month, and the other in mere months. This is a very stark contrast to the adoption situation in Australia. Because Australia has an awful and shameful past of forced adoptions within the indigenous population of Australia, we have shrouded our adoption process lengthy waiting-periods and laced it with an abundance of red-tape and legalities. This means that adoptions can take up to a decade. However, here in India, the solution seems so simple, so clear and so right. This is just one of the reasons why Rose and I loved volunteering with CSA."


Kylie Cisney(Passionate about changing the world through telling stories and building strong communities. She earned her bachelors in marketing and journalism. She came to India in January 2016 and spend several weeks interviewing & photographing adoptive parents and recording their adoption story for CSA)

Kylie Inspired!

"In January and February of 2016, I had the opportunity to travel throughout India to interview families who had adopted children with CSA. It was an incredible experience to be able to meet so many different families, to hear their stories, and to write their stories for publication in CSA's new book promoting positive adoption stories. Personally, it was also an amazing opportunity to travel throughout India, as I had never visited India before. I traveled to Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Pune. I am inspired by the parents I interviewed, and by the vision of CSA's founders and the vice chairperson of SOFOSH, Ms. DipikaMaharajsingh. I would like to thank the staff of CSA for this opportunity."


Bhushan, Mitali&Omkar - young, sprightly management trainees interned with CSA for three weeks as part of the NMIMS [NarseeMonjee Institute of Management Studies] 'We Care 2014' program in February 2014

We Care!!

"The internship was a great learning experience. It sensitized me to the issues plaguing children in children's homes. It helped me realize that there are so many things that we take for granted which are a luxury to these children" - BhushanChopade

"One such opportunity was a field visit to an Orphanage at Panvel. This helped me understand the seriousness of the work done and the impact created. It made me more aware about the gravity of living conditions prevalent at children's homes and the scope to bring about improvement" - MitaliBhende

"The experience we had while working with CSA was really enriching, especially because we got to understand various aspects of the work carried out by CSA. The field visits gave us a first-hand experience about the significant difference that CSA makes to the lives of the children in the supported children's homes and adoption agencies." - OmkarAthalekar


Dan & Sarah (Volunteers from the UK)

"Being the Change!"

"We have worked with CSA for a month now and are sad to be leaving so soon. It has been a wonderful experience interacting with the children as well as learning and experiencing first hand what CSA is involved with. It felt great to be a part of a team that are helping to improve the lives of these children, and after meeting the children themselves it became clear how these efforts had a direct affect on their daily lives. Furthermore, everyone at CSA has been great and we have appreciated the diverse and interesting work schedule we have been given. Considering that this is our first time in India, the work we have done with CSA has made this trip an incredibly rewarding and unforgettable one. "