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Sr. Associate – Donor Development & Fundraising

  • Designation:
    Asst Manager Volunteer Management / Employee Engagement
    1. Responsible for the Volunteer management / Employee Engagementinitiatives and all volunteering activities and campaigns at CSA. 2. Sourcing and managing volunteers, overseeing the implementationof theopportunities, and acting as a liaison between various stakeholders
    3. Setting up unique Volunteering initiatives to create a lasting impressionaboutCSA and the beneficiaries amongst Volunteers
    Responsibilities :
  • Create and set up standard processes for the recruitment, onboarding, orientation, tracking, and meaning-making of the volunteers.
  • Ensure planning, design, coordination, legal compliances, and managementof all volunteering initiatives and effectively engage volunteers all year round.
  • Plan and execute timely, volunteering projects and employee engagementactivities with CSA’s CSR partners aligned to the goals of the underlyingprojects.
  •  Plan and organise volunteer driven campaigns for in-kind donations.
  • Outreach to different B2B channels like schools, colleges, corporates, andother institutions to source a diverse set of volunteers all year round.
  • Track volunteers, support, motivate and engage them, buildinglong-termreliable pools of volunteers.
  • Maintain a database of Skilled Volunteers.
  • Coordinate with the CSA team stakeholders to create andidentifyvolunteering opportunities.
  • Make available Volunteers for CSA events or as required by thevariousfunctions.
  • Engage with Volunteers to create #SuperCatalysts for CSA who canscaleupthe other marketing & fundraising campaigns and initiatives.
  •  Invest stakeholders in the project and get the necessary permissionsandapprovals from authorities to conduct the volunteering programs.
  • Collect data on volunteers engaged, activities done, and outreacheffortsmonthly.
  • Create, compile impact reports, and document learnings of volunteering/employee engagement outcomes to share with key stakeholders anditerate.
  • Track and measure impact outcomes of volunteering effort.
  • Attend and participate in skill-building calls and sessions.
  • Extroverted and has high energy levels and enjoys interacting with people.
  • Previous knowledge and experience in managing people and communities.
  • Sound knowledge of the social sector.
  • Excellent written, verbal, and telephonic communication skills inEnglish, Hindi & Marathi.
  • Good with Ms Office for documentation and tracking.
  •  Good with Canva.
  • Excellent with planning, co-ordination and execution of events.
  •  Willingness to travel across locations where CSA-supported projectsareoperational.
  •  Available on weekends
    Reporting to
     Manager Communications & Partnerships, Head Fundraising @CommunicationsTo know more about CSA, please visit:
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