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Key Objectives
To provide basic necessities in the areas of health, nutrition, hygiene & sanitation, safe living spaces for children.
To improve developmental aspects around education, aftercare initiatives for 18+ year old’s, vocational training & mentoring support.
To build the capacity of CCI management & staff for sustained outcomes.

The Implementation Model

We aim to act as ‘catalysts ‘- leveraging existing institutions and empowering them to improve child outcomes.

How Do We Bridge the Gap?

We conduct a comprehensive gap analysis using our CCI Evaluation tool at the start of the engagement with the CCI to identify key bottlenecks and target areas for our intervention

We devise a 3 to 5 years engagement plan for the CCI either under our GO WIDE program or our GO DEEP program that addresses the problem areas

We roll out need specific sub-programs under our 4 categories - Health and Nutrition, Education and Development, Aftercare and Livelihood and Capacity Building and   Advocacy

Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Yearly Evaluation of outcomes against original targets

Weekly Monitoring and Evaluation of Program Outcomes

Project Timeline / Geographical Area of Implementation & Beneficiaries
Catalysts for Social Action undertakes the development of a Child Care Institution under the program model for a period of 3-7 years depending on the kind of intervention required on the ground level.

Health and Nutrition

Construction of toilets, kitchens, potable drinking water, etc
Supplementary nutrition support where required
Sanitation/hygiene kits + Daily essentials


Out-of-school academic support through the appointment of tuition teachers
Provision of education material (uniforms, books, stationary, etc)
Coaching for 10th &12th grade children

Preparatory Program

Sessions on 21st-century Life Skills
Adolescent Health education program, skill and attitude development on sexual and related topics
Program / InterventionsObjectiveOn-ground Approach/Interventions
Health, Hygiene & SanitationTo improve basic health, hygiene & sanitation conditions of children & CCIs, thus eventually ensuring better health & living condition of institutionalized children1. Bi-yearly basic health checkups in Aug & Feb months under 4 areas – Dental, Eye, ENT & Physical & Others
2. Prescribed treatment support to the respective     children based on health check-up results
3. Organization of awareness training on basic health care & hygiene for children and staff
4. Availability of basic & additional hygiene kit and   sanitation material to the children &CCI respectively
Improve Health – BMI status of childrenTo ensure and help in maintaining balanced BMI status & good health of the children1. Consultation with nutritionist based on BMI status, post health check-ups
2. Provision of prescribed support to the children based on health status/requirement
3. Regular follow-up & monitoring of the provided     support to the children
EducationTo Improve basic learning level of the children 1.  Out of the school academic support through Tuition training for language & Mathematics
2. Recruitment of Tuition Teachers (TTs) and bi-yearly training on innovative teaching & learning practices
3. Baseline & Endline assessments to review the       intervention and impact
4. Focused Bi-monthly classroom engagements by CSA Program Officers
5. Monthly Staff Review staff with all the TTs and     trustees/CCI manager
6. Provision of education material – school uniforms, shoes, stationery etc, availability and support for school fees
Life-Skills (from year 2 onwards)To help in development of key life skills competencies 1. Imparting 25 Life skills sessions on 21stcentury life skills (Communication, Self-Awareness, Critical     Thinking, Collaboration& Self Esteem) to 14+ age    children in a year time frame with the help of CSA POs
2. Baseline & Endline assessments
3. Imparting Adolescent Health Education Program (AHP) on knowledge, skill and attitude development on sexual health and related aspects
Vocational EducationTo provide skills to children based on their interest through various vocational education training1. Organization/execution of various vocational          education training for 14+ yrs children (e.g. – computer training, self-defense etc.)
Learn with funCreating an ecosystem for fun and learning 1. Arranging educational visits to historic places
2. Festival celebration
3. Learning through extracurricular forums & hobby classes
Day To Day EssentialTo ensure basic day to day requirements are available1. Providing innerwear, footwear and other essentials
Infrastructure to improve health & hygieneTo support in improving hygienic living conditions1. Support basic repairs and toilet constructions
2. Support for beds and clean bedding kits, water filters and other essentials
Digital Engagement ProgramTo engage the child/young adult in educational content and other meaningful activity ensuring a connect with teachers / mentors who are unable to visit them within CCI premises during lockdown.1.Equip each CCI with digital infrastructure such as Computer Labs / laptops and a Wi-fi plan that will enable the children have access to digital content.
2.Curate and collect educational and recreational content.
3.Introduce on-line discussion sessions with CSA Program Officers and experts.
4.Identify a “family circle” for every child.


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Our Presence

CSA has a Presence in 42 districts across 4 states i.e. Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, and Odisha

CSA has operations spread over 35 districts across the 4 states

CSA is currently working 5000+ children across 111 Chid care institutions


No. of districts 5

Madhya Pradesh

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Family like care for the vulnerable children in need


Putting efforts towards building a better world for children


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