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What we do

Holistic well-being of children and young adults

We, at Catalysts for Social Action, meticulously try to enhance every aspect of underprivileged children’s lives, like health, nutrition, education, life-skills, emotional well-being, sports and extracurriculars, to equip them for building a fulfilling life.
We do so with the helps of our programs such as:

Child Care Institutions



Our Mission

Our Mission

To build capabilities of the child care and protection systems to ensure vulnerable children are provided with the appropriate care and support & are guided towards their full potential
Our Vision

Our Vision

To build a nation where every vulnerable child is nurtured to become a happy & contributing member of the society

Our Values

We Care

We are caring about the overall well-being of each child and nurture them to have access to appropriate opportunities to live their life with dignity.

We Excel

We excel as a collective in our performance and in achieving outcomes.

We are Transparent

We are transparent to all our partners: donors and government, and use the resources responsibly for better outcomes for vulnerable children.

We Adapt

We adapt our approach to create long term sustainable solutions for all our stakeholders.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with CCIs, business leaders and experts to create better outcomes for vulnerable children.

Children Need Your Help

With your help, we can reach more children and equip them with the skills and experiences to navigate their own course in life.

Empowering Children to Become

Educated, Healthier & Responsible Young Adults

Everything we do is driven by our hopes of building a fulfilling life for every child & to achieve a truly sustainable and lasting change for this generation and the ones to come.

We know addressing all of the challenges underprivileged children face will not be done in one day. It takes heart, grit, and a commitment to create change day in and day out. Continue your support all year by making your donations monthly.

Our History

Sustainable Development Goals

In the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Governments across the world have committed to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals universally for all children, and to doing so on the basis of their rights. This includes:

Zero Hunger

We work towards ending poverty & ensuring access to services: Equal access for all children to quality services, alongside social protection systems for those in the greatest need.

Good Health and Well Being

We ensure access to quality health-care services, including sexual and reproductive health-care, essential medicines and vaccines for all children. We also provide a safe, secure and sustainable environment for all children by reversing climate change, protecting ecosystems and developing sustainable cities, energy and infrastructure. We believe that Child protection systems should be strengthened in an integrated way, paying attention to harmful social norms.

Quality Education

We address the gaps in access to quality education – especially for girls and children from low-income or otherwise excluded communities. We also provide them with supplementary education and exposure to various life-skills for a complete exposure.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We work with Youth from Vulnerable backgrounds and provide them with skills and opportunities to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Partnerships for the Goals

From policymakers, authorities to child welfare advocates, representatives of the state government to local and state agencies, CSR donors, HNIs to partner non-profits – we embrace the kind of togetherness that changes lives.

Clean Water and Sanitation

We provide equitable access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene for all children, with particular attention to the needs of girls and children in situations of vulnerability.

Our Team

Meet the CSA family, working together with resilience to help children and young adults around the world reach their potential and live a happy, fulfilling life.


Our Team

Our Board

Vipul Jain

President & Co-Founder

Shibani Jain

Member & Co-Founder

Shweta Modi

Director - Aftercare & Livelihood Program

Yogesh Govind

Director - Finance

Satyajeet Mazumdar

Director - Advocacy

Lucy Mathews

Head - CCI Operations & Location Head - Pune

Deepesh Choukse

Head - Training & Advisory and Location Head, Madhya Pradesh

Mugdha Mouje

Location Head - Mumbai

Abinash Jena

Location Head- Odisha

Malvika Sudame Mirashi

Location Head - Goa & Alumni and Mentorship Manager

Deepansh Saxena

Manager- Special Projects

Vipul Jain

President & Co-Founder

Shibani Jain

Member & Co-Founder

Vivek Sarin


Vipul Jain

President & Co-Founder

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