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In-kind Donations

We work with children between 6-18 years across 4 states in India. You can choose to donate any items in-kind like notebooks, storybooks, uniforms, stationery, clothes, shoes, etc. Kindly note that we prefer to give the children new and unused items.

Sponsor a Young Adult

You can choose to sponsor the education and training program of a young adult who will then be able to lead an independent dignified life.


Celebrate your Birthday

Who doesn’t love a little celebration. So you can choose to celebrate your birthday and have a little party with the children living in any of the homes. Sharing your joys will only bring you more!

You can contribute towards a shining India! Whatever your needs we have you covered!

Together we can make a difference in the lives of children, join us now!

Please reach out to Kinjal Mehta | Manager – Communications & Partnerships, Catalysts for Social Action to understand in which ways you can donate to make a difference.
[email protected]