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3,70,000 children – a large number of our country’s future – live in childcare institutions. Another 1,20,000 children in India have lost a parent due to the pandemic.

At Catalysts for Social Action we are on a mission to transform the lives of these vulnerable children for the better. We believe that “Every Child Matters” and with your support, we know we can do it!

 Over the last 20 years, we have partnered with various organizations like Aditya Birla Capital, P&G Health, Accelya, Wipro Foundation, SBI Capital Markets and many more to create a sustainable impact on India’s children. We invite you to join us in this endeavour through your organization’s CSR program. 

 With our impact-oriented programs which are directly linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we provide you with tailor-made solutions to integrate with your CSR program. Don’t have a CSR program, but you want to ensure happy childhoods for India’s children? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Our highly experienced and dedicated team will guide you and help you select interventions suited to your interest! We are the perfect place to start your philanthropic journey!

 So, this brings us to the critical question – how do we invest in India’s future?

Marathons for good

ICICI Prudential has partnered with CSA for the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023 to ensure health, hygeine and sanitation for 8 CCIs in Sangli, Maharashtra.

Enabling check-out charity

Moha by Charak Pharma has partnered with CSA over the last 2 years to launch a check out charity drive for all its sales. Moha contributes Rs. 2 to CSA for every product sold to enable over 1 Lakh customers to participate in the drive and reinforce their identity as a socially responsible brand that supports happy childhoods.


Campaigns to spread Joy

Trilegal has been participating in the Secret Santa initiative year after year to spread cheer and happiness for the children every festive season. Trilegal supports 4 CCIs in Ahmednager to bring out sustainable change for children. Over 700 lawyers participate in the #SantaBankeDekho campaign to gift the children a perfect Christmas.

Kale Logistics has been participating in festive campaigns like Diwali year after year to ensure that children receive the best of care and support through their contributions.

Brilliant Polymers has partnered with CSA for the #SchoolChaleHum initiative where they pledged their support to ensure stationery supplies for over 2000 children living across 40 CCIs across the 4 states we work in.

Employee Commitments

LGT Wealth India Pvt Ltd has signed up with CSA for payroll giving and has committed a contribution from over a 100 employees to give a part of their salary every month towards the benefit of the children.


Lend - A - Shoulder with IDFC First

IDFC First through their Lend – A – Shoulder volunteering program have partnered with CSA where the employees conduct virtual sessions with the young adults to build life-skills and financial prudence.

Capri Foundation - Digital Learning Partner

Capri Foundation has Partnered with CSA to enable digital learning for 5000 children, marking it to be the Digital Learning Partner for CSA across Madhya Pradesh, Pune, Odisha, Mumbai, and Goa.

  • 1200 children residing in 26 CCIs will have access to personalized digital learning through 100 new computers
  • Digital infrastructure of 94 CCIs will be improved to assist digital learning of about 4000 children residing in these CCIs

Brilliant Polymers - School Chale Hum partner

Brilliant Polymers has partnered with CSA this year again to support 45 CCIs same as last year to support over 2000 children with basic education necessities like stationery, uniforms, school bags, and shoes.

They will help bridge the education gap and create a brighter future for these children.

Make education accessible to all.

We have several programs that you can choose from


When you adopt a CSA-supported child care institute, you can choose to support it partially or entirely. We bring in the responsibility to monitor and provide inputs in training, technical expertise, build capacity, information on children's rights, communication, and campaign support.

Corporate Donations

You can make a direct donation towards a specific cause that your company would like to support. From education, healthcare, aftercare and livelihoods support – you have a wide array of causes to choose! Your donation would be directed towards our programs which address your preferred cause.

Cause-Related Marketing and Events Sponsorship

You can integrate your marketing campaigns with our programs and events to create meaningful social impact and enhance the goodwill of your brand!

Payroll Giving

Via this program, employees who wish to be connected to a social cause can contribute a small part of their remuneration, on a monthly basis. This automated process, on signup, can be further leveraged with the organization choosing to match the employee’s grant.

Employee Engagement

Volunteering is a great addition to your employee engagement program. Your employees can choose to volunteer at our projects by teaching, skill-building, aiding documentation, technology training, fundraising, etc. – small ways to contribute that make a big difference!

You can contribute towards a shining India! Whatever your needs we have you covered!

Together we can make a difference in the lives of children, join us now!

Please reach out to Kinjal Mehta | Senior Manager- Retail giving and Partnerships, Catalysts for Social Action to understand how you can partner with CSA to make a difference.
[email protected]

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