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The Training and Advisory vertical of CSA is led by a team of experts with extensive experience in child protection and empowerment. The team works closely with stakeholders to understand their specific needs and challenges, and to design training and advisory programs that are tailored to their requirements. The team also works closely with other verticals of CSA to ensure that training and advisory services are integrated with other programs and initiatives, and that stakeholders are able to access a comprehensive range of support services. Through this vertical, CSA seeks to achieve three objectives:

Build and strengthen the capacities of stakeholders

CSA recognizes that the child protection system in India is complex and multifaceted, and that there are several challenges that stakeholders face in their efforts to protect and empower children. These challenges could range from a lack of resources and infrastructure to a lack of understanding of legal and policy frameworks, to cultural and social barriers that impede effective intervention. Through its training and advisory services, CSA aims to address these challenges and build the capacities of stakeholders to effectively respond to the needs of vulnerable children. This could include training on child protection laws, guidelines, and best practices, as well as capacity-building programs on topics such as leadership, communication, and teamwork.

Create awareness among stakeholders and the public

CSA recognizes that there is a need to create greater awareness among stakeholders and the public regarding children’s rights, child protection systems, and care and protection mechanisms. This is essential to ensure that all stakeholders can play an active role in the protection and empowerment of children, and that children are able to access the support they need. CSA’s training and advisory services aim to raise awareness on these issues through a variety of channels, including workshops, training programs, awareness campaigns, and public events. These activities are designed to engage stakeholders and the wider public, and to promote a culture of child protection and empowerment.

Transfer CSA’s knowledge and good practices to stakeholders

Over the years, CSA has developed a wealth of knowledge and good practices on child protection and empowerment. Through its training and advisory services, CSA aims to share this knowledge and these practices with stakeholders, so that they can benefit from them in their own work. This could include sharing best practices on case management, documentation, and referral systems, as well as providing guidance on how to establish effective partnerships and collaborations with other stakeholders. CSA’s goal is to ensure that stakeholders have access to the latest knowledge and practices in the field of child protection, and that they are able to use this knowledge to improve the quality and impact of their work.


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