Tax Saving Challenge

Tax Saving Challenge

Children living in orphanages/CCIs (Child Care Institutions) have a right to living in a safe, protected and hygienic environment akin to children residing with their families. However, several times, this may not be the case. CCIs sometimes lack the funds or resources to maintain upkeep or upgrade their facilities that are essential to provide a protected and clean surrounding for children to grow in. In general, CCIs are barely able to provide basic needs – clean facilities, basic education, hygiene, healthcare and reasonable nutrition.

Children have to leave CCIs once they turn 18 years; in many cases this happens even earlier. The children then step out into the complex web of the outside world, having no clue whatsoever as to how to navigate through. This situation exists across nearly all CCIs across the country. By our rough estimate, about 50,000 children have to move out of CCIs every year. This is a big and universal gap in the way CCIs ecosystem.

Our intervention has led to betterment in living conditions and growth of children. Children are in better health because of the proper hygiene standards. The BMI (body mass index) of children is improving. Children are developing an aptitude for studies and sports. There is a lively atmosphere in the CCI due to various engagement activities like summer camps, festival celebrations, etc.

– We work with 4500+ children across 90 CIs in 4 states

– 86% children were found without ailments last year

– 83 % children were found with BMI in normal range last

– 76 Tuition teachers were appointed for Out of School tuition support program

– 503 children underwent Financial Literacy Training

– 69 children were placed in jobs- monthly remuneration ranging from Rs 6000 – Rs 12000 per month

– 227 children were supported in Aftercare for higher education and Skill training

Thus, CCIs are moving towards becoming an ideal ‘model’ home, where the living standards are as good as any regular household and the children are growing to become happy and contributing members of society.

To cater to the above challenges and to create such an impact we participated in the Fundraising challenge by Give India – Give India’s Fundraising challenge 2020. Through this fundraising challenge not only do we get to raise funds but also reach out to new people and garner their support for the cause. The response to this tax saving challenge has been phenomenal! We raised over Rs 20 Lakhs and won a bonus of Rs 7 Lakhs.

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